***Important News & Announcements Below***

Halloween Spooktacular & Chili Cook Off – Saturday, October 29th


Halloween is almost here, come enjoy with us this year.

Halloween Spooktacular, lots of fun!  A costume parade for everyone.

Trick or Treating, door to door, with businesses giving out goodies galore!

Then head on over to Town Hall, a free Chili Cook Off is planned for all.

With chili choices, oh so yummy, vote for the ones that please your tummy! 


Please contact the General Assembly in order to sign up for the Chili Cook Off Contest.  

Election Season – Signage Reminder

During this time leading up to the General Election, please keep in mind that yard signs are prohibited except as stated in Article IV Section 4.14: Signage – “…within three weeks prior to any general election, one sign not exceeding three square feet in area per face, for each political candidate…”  General Election is defined as “the election required to be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November, biennially”.

No signs are allowed to be posted on common ground or on the street right of way at any time.

After October 18th, 2016  signs if posted, must be in the front yard.

Thank you!


Maintenance & Grounds Update

Stowe Landing Playground Repair – Complete

Civic Green Park Elephant Sculpture Repair – Complete

Town Hall Power Washing – Complete    

Commercial Square (Padavan’s etc.) Power Washing – Complete    

Fountain Lake Landing Power Washing – Complete

Obelisk Lights changed to LED – Complete  

“Fish Light” at Lake Landing Repair – Complete

Trash Can Re-Painting – Complete

3rd Fountain in Lake – To be installed Monday, October 3rd

Hempstead Lake Retaining Wall – October/November

Alley Parking – Not Allowed in New Town

As a reminder, parking is not allowed in the alleys in New Town.  This includes the island areas in the alleys that may have grass or rocks & trees in them.  These areas are for aesthetic purposes only and should not be used as additional parking spaces.  Please be respectful of  your neighbors and discontinue parking in the alleys.  Thank you for your cooperation!


All homeowners should trim /”limb up” their street trees to 9′ from the ground. [Street trees are those between the sidewalk & the street & they are the homeowner’s responsibility unless on common ground.]  This is especially important when residents are walking on sidewalks – for safety issues.   Many of our streets are one-side parking only, and the trees are currently blocking the signs.  The GA staff have been and will continue to trim common ground trees as well.  We appreciate your cooperation!  Please call the GA at 636.916.2085 with questions or if you are unsure if the tree belongs to you or the GA.

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